K Style Gutters

K style gutter installation and repair in metro Philadelphia suburbs - best gutter serviceK_style_gutterK Style Gutter account for over 80% of the gutters installed today. They are called K- gutters because the shape is essentially shaped like the letter K.   K style are the most popular and affordable rain gutter systems. K-style gutters are available in different sizes.

The two most common sizes, as measured by gutter diameter, are five” and six”.  K-gutters are most often made with aluminum, though it is not uncommon to find materials such as vinyl, copper, and galvanized steel, which make up these products.

K-gutters provide some distinct advantages over rounded gutters. First, K-gutters will hold more water than a rounded gutter with an equivalent diameter. Also, because of their unique shape, K-gutters are less likely to bend or protrude when impacted by force, which makes them stronger, even when lighter materials are used to produce them. However, K-gutters have more sharp edges on which debris can catch or accumulate.

Available in over 20 pre-finished colors, aluminum gutters are relatively low maintenance and the amount of accessories available make it one of the easiest gutter systems to install.  Best Gutter is a local licensed roofing and gutter contractor – we install k-style guttering systems.

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