6″ Gutter

6" Gutter - Best Gutter and Roofing Expert in metro Philadelphia since 19866 inch rain gutters are commonly used on larger homes, commercial buildings, garages, and pole sheds. Larger roofs that drain large amounts of water need a gutter system that can catch and drain the rain water more quickly. 6 inch gutters are paired with 3×4 inch down spouts. The larger gutters and spouts will displace large amounts of water quickly, which makes it a great system for large roof spans.

A 6 inch gutter can handle more water before overflowing than a 5″ gutter because it’s almost 20% larger.  A 6-inch gutter is generally used on large homes, commercial properties or buildings with large low-sloped roofs.   The larger the roof and lower the slope requires a larger gutter system.

Switching from 5 to 6 inch gutter requires planning because the older fascia or gutter board behind the gutter needs to be sized correctly for it handle the larger gutter. Most builders install a 1×6 gutter board. This works well for 5 inch gutters. 6 inch gutter must have a 1×8 gutter board, without it, the bottom of the gutter can actually fall below the bottom of the gutter board.  This does not look good or work well.

Best Gutter installs 6″ rain gutter systems throughout southeastern Pennsylvania.   We are expert installers and use the high gauge and and quality gutter systems.  Please call for a Free Estimate.

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